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We don't need mercy, elf. We have justice!
~ Empire centurion
Overlord empire

The glorius empire was an advanced civilization that hunted magical creatures and serves as the main antagonistic force in Overlord 2. Their leader was Emperor Solarius.


Overlord citiens

Empire Citizens.

Their art-style, clothes and architecture is heavily based on ancient roman or greek culture, and the sheer size and detail of their main-capital surpasses that of any other civilization seen in the Overlord-games. The empire considers themselves higly sophisticated and have high respect for intelligence and strategy. Politicians such as Marius and Borius are highly valued citizens, and are provided with all manners of luxury and entertainment such as a vacation-resort in Everlight and gladiator-games. While the workers and the slaves are forced to live under pitiful conditions, and are sometimes even forced to compete as gladiators.

Overlord arena

The Overlord in the arena.

They have a tendency to either fear, hate or disrespect any kind of creature or person that is affiliated with magic, making no difference between good and evil ones. This is due to the great cataclysm, a unnatural disaster that took place before the empire was founded and destroyed everything within several square-miles. The empire thus considers the mere existence of magic as a crime and tend to label those who use it as barbarians, due to it's destructive abilities.

Military might

Overlord battle

The empire fighting against the minions.

The foot-soldiers are not particularly strong or skilled, but make up for it in vast numbers and are very difficult to fight if they have a leader telling them what to do. If the leader is defeated however, their morale will decrease greatly.

While not as technologically advanced as the dwarves, they still have rather impressive war-machines at their command, such as cannons and massive catapults.

Their greatest advantage over magic-users would be their special-forces, who are all trained to either locate, capture or kill magical beings.

  • The sentinels, hooded individuals that can detect magic through unknown means.
  • The eradicator-agents, troopers equipped with magic-absorbing gear.
  • The gargantuans, elite-soldiers with superhuman strength and durability.

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