Glode is the main antagonist in The Legend of Lyon: Flare. He is a wicked, sadistic and cruel alien leader with no redeeming qualities. in the first scene of The Legend of Lyon episode 1, he rapes a woman before ripping her open. Meanwhile after discovering the planet Lyon, Glode and his army invade the planet, and he sends his army of giant robots to destroy Lyon. He then finds the castle of Lyon, breaks in with his henchmen, and he mercilessly rapes princess flare, while his henchmen rape the swordswoman known as Neris. It is revealed that Flare has powerful psychic powers, and she then uses them to destroy Glode's army preventing them from causing anymore destruction. Glode is then killed after huge sharp rock stabs him in the chest due to flare's powers, but he declares he will resurrect himself. Cutting to episode 2, Neris has gone missing, and her little brother Eon goes searching for her. He enters the destroyed castle of Lyon to see if his older sister is there, then a floating small orb comes pretending to be neris, but is revealed to be glode, and he then possesses Eon. Flare discovers Eon in the castle without knowing he's been possessed by Glode, then Eon, while being possessed by glode, begins to rape Flare, and then he transforms into his true form. Neris and the swordsman Zeke both arrive and kill Glode's henchmen, then Neris battles with Glode. Eon's voice can be heard, and he tell Neris to kill Glode before he destroys lyon. Neris finally kills Glode, and he transforms back into Eon. Eon then thanks his sister Neris for killing Glode, and he then dies in Neris's arms causing Neris to burst into tears. Glode's voice is then heard, and he says that as long as his conscience remains, he will revive again. Flare then uses her powers to destroy the castle in order to destroy glode's consciousness to prevent him from reviving again.