The Glob is a smelly and gross ghostly monster, much like the Sleaze and a villain in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.


The Glob manifests during a summer heatwave and day 10 of garbage strike in New York, just outside the Firegouse. He is aiming to liberate his younger brother, the Sleaze, from the Ghostbusters' Containment Unit. Glob makes a deal with Professor Dweeb so that if he frees Sleaze from the Containment Unit, he gets Slimer for himself. While Dweeb infiltrated the Firehouse, Glob distracted the Ghostbusters at the Fatcat Catfood Factory.

The villains meet up in New Jersey at the Bay Bridge Garbage Dump. The Glob, however, betrays Dweeb and the reunited ghost brothers merge to become the Slob. As the Slob, the ghosts are virtually immune to the Ghostbusters' Proton Stream, so Egon had to trick them into separating by using Dweeb to attract the Sleaze. By doing this, the Ghostbusters were able to trap the ghosts individually. Egon and Ray trap the Glob when the Sleaze leaves him alone to go after Slimer.