Glgrdsklechhh is a one-shot villain from the Teen Titans TV show. He is a collaborator to Blackfire.


Glgrdsklechhh is the ruler of a planet called Drenthax IV. He had always wanted a wife and queen, and saw his chance when Blackfire rose to power in Tamaran. He meet with Blackfire and offered to give her his Jewel of Charta which would grant her great power. In return, Glgrdsklechhh believed Blackfire would give him Starfire as his wife.

The two staged Drenthax invasion of Tamaran that ended with a treaty that required Tamaran's Princess (Starfire) to marry Glgrdsklechhh. Upon arrival, the Titans were shocked by Glgrdsklechhh's hidious appearence, but Starfire believed she had to cooperate, less she see her people suffer more if the staged war continued. However, the night before the wedding, the rest of the titans evesdropped on a conversation between Glgrdsklechhh and Blackfire where their plan was exposed.

When the Galactic Overlords discovered their plan was exposed, they had the Titans imprisoned. The following morning, the wedding, began, but the Titans escaped and arrived at the wedding just as Starfire, after some hesitation declared she would not marry Glgrdsklechhh. She fought her sister and defeated her once and for all. Blackfire was imprisoned and Glgrdsklechhh, realizing that the plan was foiled, returned to his homeworld.


  • Glgrdsklechhh is pronounced "Glerdle-skletch" with a hiss at the end.
  • Starfire appears to be unable to pronounce Glgrdsklechhh's name correctly by the end of the episode.