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Glen gulia
Glenn Gulia is the main antagonist of the 1998 film The Wedding Singer. He is portrayed by Matthew Glave

Glenn works as an equity trader. He is Julia Sullivan's fiancee, and it is apparent from the beginning that he is not right for her. He is inconsiderate, unloving, and flirts with other women. In a private conversation he admits his reasons for marrying Julia are that she would make a good trophy wife and that a woman like that ought to be on the arm of a powerful financier. When asked if he will regret sacrificing casual sex for monogamy, Glenn confides that he will commit adultery on the sly; his career allowing for extensive travel and figuring Julia will never find out, or maybe tolerate it as being the price for marrying a high-powered man.

Julia is unsure of marrying Glenn; namely due to parental pressure. Julia's parents strived to pay the bills and put food on the table in their early years, and they worry she is doomed to a fate of similar squalor with her struggling as a waitress. Glenn, they say, can provide her with a life they could only dream of. One of Julia's reasons is the disgust with her new name "Julia Gulia", and reflects on her nascent attraction to Robbie by calling herself "Mrs. Julia Hart".

While Glen and Julia on the way to Las Vegas for their wedding, Robbie Hart, the main protagonist who is also in love with Julia, sings a heartfelt love song for her, while Billy Idol subdues Glen in an airplane bathroom. Robbie and Julia are then happily married.