Ring around the rosie? What's next? You're gonna patty cake me? Ooooooh!
~ Glenda Quote

Glenda is a ghost girl and the main antagonist of the episode "Haunted Halloween" of the 2013 Nickelodeon sitcom TV series The Haunted Hathaways.

She was portrayed by Brittany Ross.


Glenda is a evil, shapeshifting ghost that Louie Preston summoned after he drew a rectangle on it. She has a demonic, deep voice. She has the power to possess Michelle Hathaway, use telekinesis and can shapeshift.

Glenda appeared to Louie after he freed her from the mirror that is actually a portal to the Ghost World. She love scaring people and she is also a level 10 ghost. She befriends Louie by saying she can make him more scary.

Ray discovers what his younger son has done and tries to return her to the portal, but she traps Ray and Miles to the world behind the mirror and refuses to free them. She told Louie if he wanted to free his father and brother, he have to take the key from her. When Louie tries to get the key, she knocks him to the wall and goes to Taylor's party, Louie tries to tell Taylor about her but it is too late. She scares everyone away, possesses Michelle and wreaks havoc in the house. When Louie confronts her again and says it was a jack-in-the-box for scaring her, she doesn't believe it, and when she opens that was Frankie who got out, she wasn't scared at all.

Louie shows her the key that he finally takes from her when she turned her back. Louie, Miles and Ray finally defeat her and return her to the mirror.


  • She is a ghost likes the Pretson family including Louie himself.