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The Glemy Faction is a splinter faction of Axis Zeon and a major antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

The faction seeks to subvert the rule of Haman Karn and restore the Zabi family to power. It's leader and namesake, Glemy Toto, is rumored to be a clone of the late Gihren Zabi.


The faction was formed when Glemy and other Axis/Neo-Zeon members, came to the realization that the Neo-Zeon regent, Haman Karn, was planning on ruling Neo-Zeon on her own and using Mineva Zabi, the heir to Neo-Zeon, as a figurehead. Glemy secretly began building his own Neo-Zeon movement, recruiting supporters who desired the rule of the Zabi's instead of Haman's.

The Glemy Faction came into conflict with Haman's faction during the Second Battle of Axis, the final battle of the First Neo Zeon War. The Glemy Faction weakened Haman's troops, allowing the AEUG to overpower her forces.

The Glemy Faction collapsed when its leader was killed by AEUG member Roux Louka. The Ple Clones would continued to fight until the EFSF came in and reinforced AEUG. Despite their defeat, some of the Glemy Faction members, including Ple clones, survived and went into hiding.