Every living being eventually dies, the strong are meant to rule over the weak, even if it means killing them.
~ Glames

Glames (Ramses in the American TurboGrafx CD version) is the main villain and final boss of Valis III.


Glames is the ruler of the Spirit World, and the current owner of the Leethus Sword, a twin sword to the Valis Sword owned by Yuko. His Spirit World was about to be consumed by the void, so he decided to march his people into the Human World and Dream World to conquer them. Knowing he would have to fight Yuko, he orders his men to revive Rogles to help him.

Cham, a denizen of the Spirit World, is sent by her father to the Human World to take the Valis Sword to fight Glames's tyranny. However, a servant of Glames follows her and ends capturing her, so Yuko retrieves the sword and goes after them, rescuing Cham. The two go to the Dream World, where they learn Glames has already taken over the place and captured princess Valna. After Valna is rescued, the three go after the sorcerer Nizetti, who unlocks the true power of the Valis Sword, which Glames notices as his Leethus Sword resonates with it.

With Rogles resurrected, Glames asks for his cooperation, but Rogles questions Glames's motives. Glames reveals his true purpose is to acquire the Valis Sword, sending Rogles along with his men, Zaruga and Asura, to fight Yuko. After the three are defeated, they learn Glames has already invaded the Human World and erected a tower, so the three go back to the Human World and climb the tower, where Glames had been waiting.

Glames challenges Yuko, but ends defeated. After his defeat, Glames hands over his Leethus Sword to Yuko, asking her to give it back to the gods and to save the people of the Spirit World before dying from his injuries.