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I suppose I should be impressed. You're the only ponies to ever figure out the secret to my success. Takes a lot of work keepin' everypony fightin'. But as long as I keep 'em convinced that I'm their only friend, all of Las Pegasus will be mine. Oh, you can't trick a confession out of a pony like me! I'm always one step ahead.
~ Glasmane gloating and unintentionally exposing himself

Gladmane is the hidden main antagonist of the MLP: FiM episode, Viva Las Pegasus. He is voiced by Jim Byrnes.


In the episode, Applejack and Fluttershy are sent by the Cutie Map to Las Pegasus in order to solve a friendship problem. While there, they arrive to a resort known as the Ponet Fantastique, where Gladmane himself greets them while recognizing them as Princess Twilight's friends. Gladmane gives them a tour of his hotel, showing them his many employees who think very highly of him.

At first it seems that everypony is getting along just fine, however, they then discover that Flim and Flam are also working at the hotel, but have been arguing ever since. Fluttershy assumes that they maybe the friendship problem that they are looking for, but Applejack, due to her past with them, refuse to believe it, and goes to search for another problem. They soon learn that the other employees have been arguing the same way, and from what Fluttershy heard from the animals, that it was Gladmane who insinuated these fights.

They deduce that Gladmane purposely makes everyone argue so that they would believe that he is their only friend and continue to make money for him. Reluctantly, Applejack agrees to help Flim and Flam reconcile so that they can help expose Gladmane. At first, they disguised Fluttershy as "Impossibly Rich" and trick him into confessing over the intercom, but he sees right through the disguise. Applejack and Fluttershy then confront him in his office, and Gladmane gloats about his duplicity, unaware that Fluttershy was holding down the button to his intercom, exposing him to all his employees, who immediately leave him in a huff. Ruined and humiliated, Gladmane gallops out his office in anxiety.


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