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Giuliano della Rovere is one of the main antagonists in the Showtime series The Borgias. He is the bitter rival of Rodrigo Borgia.

As the series beings Pope Innocent VIII is dying. He regretfully states that the church is in very bad shape and asks who would clean up the church, a question that seemed to be pointed at della Rovere.

During the conclave della Rovere informed Borgia that he thought he was a corrupt, immoral man, and that della Rovere would oppose him. Borgia meanwhile was busy garnering support, first by having the Cardinals favorite meals delivered to them, and then by sending precious metals to their castles. Borgia then put himself over the top by promising the Vice-Chancellorship of the church to Ascaino Sforza. Upon Borgia's winning the election della Rovere angrily accused Borgia of using simony to gain the Papal office, however the election was allowed to stand and Boriga was introduced to Rome as Pope Alexander VI.

Soon after the election of Alexander the elderly and highly respected Cardinal Orsini was murdered by Micheletto Corella, an act that della Rovere was accused of perpetrating. della Rovere soon departed for France, where he hoped to ally with French King Charles VIII and have him depose Alexander so he could be named Pope.

When Alexander fell victim to a poisoning attempt, della Rovere thought that the hour of Alexander's death was finally at hand and rushed back to Rome. The Pope however made a full recovery thanks to the assistance of his daughter Lucrezia. della Rovere was arrested by Cesare Borgia, who intended to execute him for the crime. della Rovere slipped away by arranging to be carted away in a cart loaded down with corpses.


Cardinal della Rovere's ultimate fate is not known in the course of the series due to the abrupt cancellation of The Borgias. However some time after the events of the series he would himself be elected as Pope, taking the name Julius II.

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