The Gittish Empire is the antagonistic, hegemonic organization of Dragon Quest IX. Its goals went beyond territory expansion and world domination, as they also held a Celestrian-capturing campaign - in which they hunted for and imprisoned the guardian angels of neighboring towns in an attempt to get the fruit of the World Tree, the Fyggs.

What was once a fair monarchy, the dynasty of Gittingham descended into a despotical dictatorship with the tyrant King Godwyn, son of the late King Godfrey, at the head. The empire took over many villages by force and mercilessly killed anyone who stood in their way. It was finally brought down thanks to the help of the dragon Greygnarl.

300 years later, the empire was mysteriously revived, though their members now were all mutated beasts or revenant ghouls.


  • King Godfrey: Deceased, replaced by his son.
  • King Godwyn: Godfrey's only son, current ruler of the House of Gitt.