Giru is the dinosaur Greeed. He has aspects of a pteranodon, a triceratops, and a tyrannosaurus. Unlike the other Greeed, he was never seen and only physically appeared as ten Core Medals that were kept under lock and key by the Kougami Foundation, before they were stolen by Kiyoto Maki. These Core Medals proved to still house some form of consciousness, however, and sought out Eiji Hino because of his lack of desire.

He was heard in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core, creating two Pteranodon Yummy from the end of two desires.

Ultimately, he did not appear in the series proper, but rather was reincarnated in a way through Kiyoto Maki's Greeed transformation.


As a Greeed, Giru has the ability to create Yummies by placing a Cell Medal into a Medal Insert Slot. Instead of using humans to make Yummies, his are made using inanimate objects that represent the end of a desire, such as broken dreams. As his abilities lie in destroying desire, half of his Core Medals go to Eiji Hino because of his lack of selfish desire. The medals, at first, forced him into a berserker state whenever he would use them to assume Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo. It could have been possible that he could assume a human form, as all Greeed can, as well as travel distances by dispersing into a mass of Cell and Core Medals.


Giru's name comes from from the Japanese word uragiru, as he, his Cores, and his Yummy are the opposite of other Greeeds', as they seek to destroy desire rather than embody it.

Giru's Core Medals

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  • Kiyoto Maki - who eventually became the Kyoryu Greeed, but was later killed.
  • Eiji Hino - who eventually became Eiji Greeed, but went back to normal after his Cores were sucked into a black hole.