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Girochi is one of the Orochi Necks of the anime Kannazuki no Miko.


Girochi is a in love man that hates woman with big breasts, so, he hates his enemy, Chikane, and loves his other enemy, Himeko. Probably, has sorrow in his personality, because in his past, his friends dead in a war, because all the Orochi necks have cursed life


The city of Girochi was attacked in a war, and he lost all his friends.

Girochi is the second Orochi Neck that attacked the two priestess. He meets Himeko and wishes to have a date with her, but, when Chikane arrives, Girochi shows his hatred against her; Girochi become a hater of Chikane also loves Himeko and has big breasts. But, again, Chikane can't protect her loved Himeko, and Souma arrives and defeats Girochi.

Nekoko uses her syringes to heal Girochi and after, and after, he goes attack Himeko after Tsubasa defeat, but Souma wins the battle again.

When Chikane arrives in the Orochi's hiding place as an Orochi member, Girochi aggravates she and prohibits her to love Himeko, but she with her knife, petrifies Girochi.

After Chikane's sacrifice, Girochi becomes a normal and happy human.