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Captain Giorgios Geld or simply known as Geld, was a minor villain in the 2008 video game Valkyria Chronicles. He was an Imperial captain that was active in the First European War. In the past, it was mentioned by Largo that he tortured Frederic to death, which caused Captain Varrot into devoting revenge on him one day.

When it was heard that he took a few people hostage in his hideout, Varrot sends in squad 7 to save them (though the mission wasn't reported yet). After the mission, Varrot was about to avenge Frederic by trying to kill Geld without a right of trial, which would lead her to be discharged. However, Largo stopped her from doing it and that Geld went to Girlandio. Upon arrivial, Geld was executed by Imperial soldiers (under Maximilian's command) for taking "Non-Darcsen" people hostage.

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