Do I look like I can intimidate a jury? I couldn't intimidate a child - and believe me, I've tried. Now, look. It's either that, or Forelli's cousin, Giorgio, gets 5 years for fraud. YOU gotta take these guys OUT! (Tommy Vercetti: I understand. Help the jury change their minds. Don't worry about it.) No no no no no - NO! I tried that. The jury case didn't go so well, so MAKE them change their minds. (Tommy Vercetti to himself off-screen: All right, more crap to wipe up. What did I do wrong in the past life?)
~ Ken Rosenberg orders Tommy Vercetti to convince 2 jurors to release Giorgio Forelli.

Giorgio Forelli is a Mafia leader and an unseen character in GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: Vice City. Giorgio is also Sonny's cousin and has various connections in Vice City. Barry borrowed 2 million dollars from Giorgio to pay for Phil Collin's concert. However, when Giorgio wanted his money back, Barry didn't pay back so he sent his men to kill Phil and get his money back from Barry but this was foiled by Victor Vance.  Barry eventually decided to pay Giorgio back.

Two years later, Giorgio was arrested for fraud and sentenced 5 years in prison. However, Ken Rosenberg ordered Tommy Vercetti to intimidate two jurors into changing their minds and Giorgio was released from prison.