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Gino Feliciano is the main cop that was trying to get revenge on Richie Madono for killing his pal Bobby Lupo in the 1991 hit action thriller Out for Justice.

He was played by Steven Seagal.

The reason he is on the villains list is because he's not really a righteous hero, but one that seems to enjoy being just as bad as his enemies when seeking Ritchie. He does some fairly villainous things. When he visits the restaurant of a mobster, he insults a guy's pony tail, thinking he's all tough. Even the mobsters have more respect and decency than he does. They're more righteous.

In the bar fight scene, when he encounters Ritchie's brother, he goes around insulting him, saying, "You still sucking your thumb while your brother was around town sucking dicks." And he even insult the girlfriend of one of Vittorio's men, saying, "This is your girlfriend?" Thinking of her as a slut. Gino has no regard for the law at all, and he's a corrupt cop. Now Mason Storm in Hard to Kill also broke the law in pursuit of revenge, however, he always stood good and pure. He wanted revenge for his son and wife (his son who was luckily alive), but he always stood good. Gino in this movie makes me think he was a jerk in the past.

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