Ginko Yurishiro Human Form

Ginko Yurishiro (百合城 銀子 Yurishiro Ginko?) is a bear who takes human form and transfers to Arashigaoka Academy, where she sets her sights on Kureha.


Ginko Yurishiro has a short, brown hair. She wears a pink variant of the school's uniform and white boots. In her partial human-bear form, she wears an outfit similar to a maid's, along with bear paws and bear feet. As a bear, Lulu is brown and wears a pink and white headpiece and bib.


It is later revealed that, as a bear, she was once friends with Kureha and her mother. At the end of the story, Kureha gives Ginko her promise kiss, and the two head on a journey beyond severance, guided by the "star of love". She is voiced by Miho Arakawa.


Human Form

Ginko be a funky-ass black bear wit a cold-ass lil crown, as well as a phat gold rope which was given ta her by Reia. In her human form, dat freaky freaky biatch has black afro n' purple eyes. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Biatch wears a variant of tha schoolz uniform n' white boots.