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Gina Sadowski

Gina Sadowski (nicknamed the Aspirin Assassin) is the first client of the Keating 5 in the first episode of How To Get Away With Murder. She is portrayed by Andrea Syglowski.

She was the assistant of successful business CEO Arthur Kaufman, and was having an affair with him. After his wife, Agnes became suspicious, he had her transferred to the accounting department, much to Gina's anger. She later remembered that Arthur had a severe allergy to aspirin pills. She purchased some aspirin at a corner store and snuck into his office and switched Arthur's sleeping pills with aspirin, causing a severe allergy attack that ultimately left him brain-dead. He would've died if not saved by his new assistant, Linda. Gina is arrested and charged with attempted murder and is represented by Annalise. Annalise takes advantage of Linda's color-blindness to explain that she couldn't have known the pills were aspirin. She later forces Nate Lahey to admit his department's history of doctoring videos to explain the surveillance footage of Gina purchasing the aspirin. Gina is ultimately found not guilty and set free.

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