Some of us aren't strong enough to bear the burden. They need an angel of mercy to help them cross over, to free them from pain.
~ Gina Lambert
Gina Lambert is the main antagonist of TV series Sleepy Hollow's episode "Mama". She is a ghost nurse and the real mastermind of Lori Mills' death and serial suicide of Tarrytown Psych. She is also one of the darkest antagonists of the series.


Nurse Gina Lambert was once a human nurse, but she was also a insane woman. In 1958, she was arrested for driving 21 patients to suicide when she worked in hospitals including Tarrytown Psych. She was executed by eletrocution.

However, after summoned by Moloch, Nurse Lambert returned as a demonic ghost and attempted to kill Abbie and Jenny Mills under Moloch's order. However, the Mills sisters' mother, Lori Mills, managed to save them many times. Later, Lori was captured to Tarrytown Psych by Leena Reyes and others, because nobody believed her for what her said about the demon who was hunting her daughters. Lori was tortured in the asylum, and Nurse Lambert's ghost gave her two pills, causing Lori paranoid and insecure and let her committed suicide.

Frank Irving almost became one of Nurse Lambert's victims, but he was saved from drowning himself by the Mills sisters and Nick Hawley. Lambert captured Abbie Mills, and tried to administer the pills. But she was defeated by Lori Roberts at the scene, and by Jenny Mills reciting the incantation from Lori's journal.


  • She is portrayed by Cynthia Stevenson.
  • She highly resembled Nurse Ratched.
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