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Gimelagomela Crisis Kaijin
Gimelagomela is a scaley ostrich/dragon-like creature that had small dragon-like heads for hands and an extra mouth on its belly. He can breathe fire from his main head, shoot electricity from the dragon-like heads, breathe steam from the extra mouth, and attack with his tail. Crisis Empire used Gimelagomela to turn people into butterflies and infect them so they could control them. When it attacked a small boy, Kamen Rider Black RX came to save him and battled Gimelagomela, but the victims arrived to help him. Kamen Rider Black RX called for Acrobatter to tackle Gimelagomela but he used his steam attack on him. General Dasmander appeared to have his fight with Kamen Rider Black RX and told Gimelagomela to stay out of it. During the battle, Gimelagomela and his victims interfered and attacked Kamen Rider Black RX. When Kotaro followed the butterflies to their source, Gimelagomela attacked again. Kotaro transformed into Kamen Rider Black RX and fought Gimelagomela. Kamen Rider Black RX used his RX Kick on Gimelagomela, then destroyed him with his Revolcane.

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