Drat! I didn't count on the skill of the Boy Chin Wonder.
~ Gilde Arches to Timmy after his defeat.

The Gilded Arches is an enemy of the Crimson Chin and a villain in both The Crimson Chin Webtoons and the videogame The Fairy OddParents!: Breakin' Da Rules.


Before Arch Enemy

He was a former child star whose feet and legs grew when he hit puberty, while the rest of him stayed small and scrawny. He had a promising career as a movie star, but snapped when the theaters stopped showing his movies. Now he shall try to use his gigantic feet to destroy every theater in Chincinnati.

Arch Enemy

The Gilded Arches arrived at a theater where the Crimson Chin and Cleft were watching a movie. He destroyed the theater and came close to the Someguy Asian-American movie house that will never let the Gilded Arches put his feet in their cement. As the foot-based fiend tries to squish the theater, Cleft used his Utility Cleft to tickle on the Gilded Arches' heel. It made him laughing uncontrollably and the Chin sent the Gilded Arches to jail. At jail, the Gildred Arches met three other villains as they come up with a plan to defeat the Crimson Chin.

Pain In The Brass

Another villain, the Brass Knuckles was sent to jail and joined the four other villains with an idea.

The Body of Evil

All five villains went into the Doctor Robot and formed a Body of Evil! The Gilded Arches operates the legs and feet of the mech.

Breakin' Da Rules



  • His weakness could be a reference to Achilles' heel.
  • He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.
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