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Gigi Hollingsworth

Gertrude "Gigi" Hollingsworth is an antagonist in the Wizards of Waverly Place series. She is a major rival of Alex Russo and tries to humiliate her and her friend Harper.


Gigi met Alex in kindergarten and their rivarly began when Gigi spilled juice and told everyone that Alex had an accident. In the series premiere, she and Alex fight over a jacket that they like. Gigi gets the jacket but she bumps into an old lady who spills her drink on Gigi's front making it look like she had an accident similiar to Alex years ago. Alex left after she spoke through the intercom that Gig's real name is Gertrude.

In Alex's Choice, she invites Harper to her tea party and tries to humilate her by crowning her as the Biggest Loser. Using a Truth spell, Alex made Gigi admit that her friends are bigger loser than her guests, causing them to throw cake at her. Both Alex and Harper crown Gigi as the Biggest Loser. Gigi doesn't make any appearance in Season 3 probably because she got expelled.

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