Giggles is a treasure-hunting pirate and a character in the videogame Naughty Bear. He is a violet-colored bear who lives on Perfection Island.


Episode 1

Giggles is a minor villain in Episode 1: The Party. He and an orange bear, Chubby, are chilling out when they see Naughty Bear heading to Daddles' birthday party despite not being invited. Upon seeing that Naughty has brought a present in an attempt to make ammends for his previous pranks, they laugh at him until he goes home. Naughty then decides to kill Daddles and the other bears at the party. Giggles is among those that have been killed.

Episode 9

In Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard, Giggles is the boss bear and the main antagonist. He is lying on the docks when Naughty plays a prank on him by putting a nut into a birds mouth and the bird drops the nut into Giggles throat, choking him. After he spits it out, the pirate bears arrive, led by Bearbeard, and it is revealed there is a treasure hunt going on and the treasure leads right under Naughty's hut, meaning they will destroy the hut to get the treasure. Naughty decides not to let this happen and kills the pirates and the bears involed in the hunt. Giggles appears in final zone, where he must be killed. Naughty kills him and Bearbeard.