Gigayama Tiger is the main villain from the game Armed Police Batrider.

A successful businessman, he was the key figure of Gigayama Industries. After the Mancrise Disaster, the explosion of a nuclear power plant in England which affected the entire world, his company was widely benefited by the policies created to recover the economy from the depression caused by the incident. His company is eventually renamed Gigantech Cybertron, focusing it's efforts into cybernetic technology research. Various of his company's experiments involved the creation of artificial human body parts, but they were met with radical criticism from various religious groups and governments. Gigayama eventually retired himself from the public view due to that, but his company expanded drastically by selling bionic parts.

The head office of Gigantech Cybertron moves to the man-made island of Zenovia, created south of Manhattan to counter the rapid increase of criminality and poverty in New York, which prompted a migration boom to the island. Cybertron starts claiming ownership of more portions of Zenovia, but the island was far from the perfect place promised, becoming a place plagued with crime and terrorism, with no visible plans on law enforcement. As Gigantech Cybertron claims full ownership of the island, evidence arises that Gigayama was not only employing high-class criminals into his company, but also creating advanced weapons of mass destruction.

The government of United States finally decides to take action, creating a task-force comprised of nine criminals named the "Zero-Cop", with the mission of infiltrate Zenovia island, destroy Gigantech and it's weapons, and arrest Gigayama Tiger and his henchmen, Envy, Blunt and Sobut. As the group invade the island, they are forced to take down many of Gigantech's heavy armored mechas, as well as facing the trio of henchmen. As they reach Gigantech's main building, they find lots of stasis tubes containing humans inside, which were being used as a power source for Gigantech's final weapon, the Ultimate Magnetic Suppression Craft "Discharge". Taken by surprise by the Zero-Cops, Gigayama is forced to pilot Discharge by himself. The massive weapon proves to be quite a challenge, but it is eventually destroyed. With all of his weapons taken down and his office completely destroyed, Gigayama is finally arrested by the Zero-Cops.