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This scum Gigascorpis
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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.

The Gigascorpis is the main antagonist of the 2010 Giant Monster film, Amphibious.

Role In Movie

Marine biologist Skyler Shane meets Jack Bowman, at a northern Sumatran lake to search for prehistoric samples of a Devonian period giant sea scorpion called Gigascorpis. Then, Shane met Tamal, a child. But in the night, Tamal's uncle is killed when he was walking in the shore. Andi, Jack's child time friend is killed too. All of them died of a big bite and sting.

Boss Harris, a boss in a corporation is dragged when boating in the sea, and finally when sailing, Jack and Shane's boat is attacked by a giant sea scorpion: a real-life Gigascorpis. The monster kills two crews of the vessel: Big Rudi and Rizal. Two men also killed by the monster. Tamal says that maybe they should dive to subdue the creature. Aris, a young diver helped them. They still confused why would a long extinct creature is now here.

Jimmy Kudrow, a young president of a corporation revealed that he breeded prehistoric creatures, and Gigascorpis was the most perfect creation. But, the Gigascorpis infiltirated his base and killed him, then eat him. Gigascorpis is purused to the sea, until Shane takes a harpoon along with him and dives.

The battle ensues and Shane tries to avoid Gigascorpis' sting attack. Finally, Shane shoots the sharp harpoon to the Gigascorpis' head, and red blood gases come out. Finally Gigascorpis died, and the threat was ended. But in the rubble of Jimmy's base, a gigantic black sting comes out: another Gigascorpis

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