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Giga Lakitu (King Lakitu in the original Japanese release) is a boss in the video game Super Mario Galaxy 2 that is encountered in the Yoshi Star Galaxy.


Giga Lakitu is, as his name suggests, a giant Lakitu, and is encountered in the second mission of the Yoshi Star Galaxy, "Spiny Control". He attacks by throwing Spiny Eggs, like a normal Lakitu. In order to damage him, Mario must use Yoshi to spit the Spinies back at him. Mario must do this three times to defeat him. He also has an attack where he will fly across the battlefield and shoot lightning at Mario from his cloud, which will defeat Yoshi instantly if it hits. When he is down to his second and third hit points, he will throw two and four Spiny Eggs at Mario at a time respectively.


  • Giga Lakitu's original Japanese name, as well as the fact that he wears a crown, imply that he is royalty.
  • Giga Lakitu looks similar to the Lakitu King enemy from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss 2 - Giga Lakitu01:42

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss 2 - Giga Lakitu

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