Gien (Berserk)
That fool. He's gonna fight us all by himself?! As he wishes. I'll trample him to dust!
~ gien's last words thinking Guts will be easy prey.

Gien is a minor villain from Berserk and he is part of the tuder army.


Gien wore a black body Armour that covered all of his body, he also wore a red cape. His helmet covered his whole face except his eyes. It featured yellow and black spiral horns on the side


Gien would lead his army into battle against the soldiers Wyndham. After his army started to gain the advantage, Guts would the battle assisting the soldiers Wyndham. As he entered battle guts started to kill members of his army. Gien would enage guts into a fight and would meet his demise. His army was then wiped out by Band of the Hawk.