OL Giblet

Giblet, the Forge Master.

Giblet is a recurring brown minion in the Overlord video game series.

Giblet in Overlord

Giblet makes his debut in the first game, and he at first starts out as a normal brown minion, but is later promoted to Forge Master. Throughout the game, the player will collect many different forges and can bring them back to the Tower and Giblet can help forge new weapons and armor for the Overlord.

Giblet in Overlord II

Giblet appears again as the Forge Master, and even Gnarl seems to have some respect for him "A stout fellow, been here about as long as me. But Giblet does have a bigger, more updated forge in the Nether tower, and through out the game the Overlord does relatively the same as in the first game: collect forge items so Giblet can make you new weapons and armor.


  • In Overlord: Minions for the Nintendo DS, he appears as part of the elite minion task force.
  • When he was first seen, Gnarl yelled at him to work harder when the Overlord was returning the Tower Heart to the old Tower."Giblet! I see you trying to lift it with one claw! Quit slacking you sack of pus!"