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The Giants were the main antagonists of the novel and film of The BFG and were led by the Fleshlumpeater, being the most notable member of the band of monsters. Compared to the BFG, they were ferocious, hideous monsters.

Living in a large desert known as Giant Country, (implied to be on another planet or in another dimension) the Giants were fifty foot tall, and often engaged in night-time raids of the human world, stealing men, women and children alike under the cover of night and devouring them: although the BFG was aware of the crimes his fellow Giants committed he was unable to stop their evil ways.

This would change when the BFG befriended a young girl named Sophie and took her to Giant Land, through her, he picked up the courage to finally call on the British Army to deal with the Giants and they managed to capture the beasts as they slept but woke up the Fleshlumpeater when doing so. The Fleshlumpeater was surprised, but he was even more hungry at seeing the humans in his country, and he jumped to his feet, boasting about how he would eat them all. Sophie stuck a brooch the Queen had given her into the Fleshlumpeater, causing him pain and making him retreat, the BFG tricked him into being tied up. Afterwards, they flew the Giants back to England by chaining them under helicopters and had them locked away in a large pit where they would be fed nothing but a disgusting plant known as "Snozzcumbers" as punishment for their crimes for the rest of their lives.

The 9 members:

  1. Fleshlumpeater (leader)
  2. Bloodbottler
  3. Bonecruncher
  4. Childchewer
  5. Manhugger
  6. Meatdripper
  7. Gizzardgulper
  8. Maidmasher
  9. Butcher Boy

BFG Giant

One of the Giants in The BFG

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