The Giant Walrus is an antagonist in the Swiss animated stop-motion series Pingu. He has made only one appearance in the series, in the episode "Pingu's Dream".


In the episode "Pingu's Dream", as Pingu sleeps, he dreams his bed comes to life and takes him to a ride, but is unaware the giant, non-tusked, whiskered walrus is stalking him. Suddenly, the walrus shows up. Pingu freezes in fear at the sight of the walrus, moment during which he traps him and his bed under an igloo top, laughs evilly and then releases them, only to play with Pingu as if he was a toy, stretching and squishing him a lot, all while laughing and grinning maniacally in the progress. He then takes Pingu's mattress off his bed and eats it as if it were a chocolate bar (it is implied he was planning to eat Pingu as well). With the walrus distracted, Pingu escapes but falls down a slope and wakes up in the real world, where his mother consoles him after his nightmare.



  • Oddly enough, the walrus lacks tusks.
  • "Pingu's Dream" was banned in several countries mainly because of the walrus, thanks to it's monstrous size, it's freakish movements, and overall frightening and evil nature, and wasn't released on VHS by the BBC in the UK. The walrus managed to get a cult following however.
  • Before "Pingu's Dream", the walrus first appeared in a black background probably speaking in either Swiss German or German in one of Gutmann's showreel.


Pingu Pingu Dreams

Pingu Pingu Dreams