The Giant Vulture is the pet of Calibos and a major antagonist in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans.


After being transformed into a satyr-like creature and exiled in the swamps, Calibos decides to take revenge on Joppa. Every night, he sends the Giant Vulture on the balcony of Princess Andromeda to capture her spirit in a cage and transport her to his hideout in the swamps where the Huntsman gives her a riddle to be solved by her suitors.

One night, Perseus comes in the Princess's room wearing the Helmet of Invisibility and sees the Giant Vulture arriving and capturing Andromeda's spirit. The following night, Perseus uses Pegasus to follow the vulture who transports Andromeda's spirit to the swamp. After she receives the riddle, Andromeda returns to the cage and the vulture brings her back to her room.

Later, Calibos and his henchmen capture Pegasus and imprison him in a cage in their hideout under the surveillance of the Giant Vulture. Bubo goes to the hideout to liberate Pegasus and manages to scare away Calibos's henchmen, but the Vulture tries to fight him. He pushes a torch on the ground, causing a fire in the hideout, so the vulture decides to leave and Bubo successfully releases Pegasus.