The Giant Spear Man is a large Pirate Goom that appeared in Wario Land II. Throughout the events of the game, Captain Syrup deployed the Giant Spear Man to many locations in an effort to try to defeat Wario.

The Giant Spear Man had similar battle tactics to a regular Pirate Goom. He would slowly walk back and forth, attempting to stab Wario with his spear. The spear prevented the anti-hero from using any head-on attacks. Instead, Wario had to Ground Pound him from above. After ten hits, the Giant Spear Man would surrender, and Wario could continue his looting. Although the Giant Spear Man engaged Wario in many battles, the purple-clad thief always emerged the victor.

The Giant Spear Man was also trusted enough to guard the treasure of the Black Sugar Gang. After Captain Syrup was defeated at the end of the game, the Giant Spear Man tried to stop Wario from stealing Captain Syrup's treasure, but once again he lost to the powerful anti-hero and the treasure was stolen. The movie seen during the end credits show the Giant Spear Man following Wario to his castle. His motivation for doing so is unclear.