The Giant Slime

The Giant Slime is the titular monster character of Buster Baxter's comic strip "The Giant Slime".


All the kids were all at school learning complicated math. When suddenly, The Giant Slime came through the door straight to school, which scared the children. Mr. Ratburn tells her to do the math or be gone and called her, "large slime", which offended her. Enrage, The Giant Slime gobbled Mr. Ratburn. The kids cheered for that. But, it wasn't all good. The Giant Slime made everyone of it's rotten bidding like play only games it was good at. Bionic Bunny appeared to stop the slime.

But, it slurped him too. Mr. Ratburn and Bionic Bunny are inside the slime playing cards, when Bionic Bunny ask Mr. Ratburn if he knows how to play "Go Fish". Mr. Ratburn nodded saying "No, he doesn't". The slime was unstoppable. Until a boy, who probably representing Buster as he had simliar looks and personality, appeared with his stomach growling in hunger. He was wanders in the dark looking for food, and comes across the Giant Slime, which he thinks is lime.

He finds it delicious and tries to eat the blob, who runs off in a panic tellin him to cut that out. The boy chases it and ate up the whole beast, saving Mr. Ratburn and Bionic Bunny in the process, who say that they are glad he eats like a pig. The boy said you're welcome and belch at them.


  • The Giant Slime is probably represents Francine because of her hair and the fact that they were going through a phase of Francine-themed comics.
  • The Giant Slime is the parody of The Blob