The Giant Scorpion is the fourth and final boss battle in the DS game Drawn to Life, the last one before you face Wilfre. Before you actually face this beast you must first get through a rather lengthy course. The good news about this is the scorpion is not chasing you this time. This battle is unique in that Wilfre is actually seen manipulating this monster. This boss will be fought in Wilfre's Lair. To battle this boss the hero must have a sword designed by you. This will be used against the scorpion only to stop the scorpion from advancing to your side. The scorpion's attacks consist of charging at you, shaking the ground to confuse you, spewing what appears to be poison gas from its mouth, using its tail (which is using one of your own drawings, a trident) against you, and using its two stingers to parry any oncoming sword swings. To weaken it you must swing your sword enough times at the beast before it starts to spew poison gas, (the amount of sword swings to keep the scorpion at bay is a set amount. Three for the first time, four for the second.) then when that's done, some clouds will appear. Use this opprotunity to instead slash Wilfre with your sword. If this attack connects the scorpion will then be weakened enough for you to a ground bounce on its body. After the scorpion is defeated, you will then fight Wilfre.