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Giant Robot

Giant Robot is the main antagonist of the Talking Friends episode called Attack of the Tech. He was created by Ben for Tom because he tried to end the world's trash problem, but it somehow went out of control and started eating everything. At the end he was defeated by Tom using a EMP stick. He was first seen at the start of the episode and was attacking Tom and Ben. Ginger and his giraffe doll, Gina told the Giant Robot that they love him, but he tried to kill them and ate them. In the rest of the episodes, He was never seen again.  Like the other Talking Friends villains, he was never seen again.


  • Giant Robot is the first Talking Friends villain to die.
  • Tom, Ben, Pierre and Ginger were happy and cheering after Giant Robot dies.
  • Giant Robot, Talking Friends, and Large Armadillo are the only Talking Friends villains who don't speak, however, Giant Robot was speaking at the begining of the episode, however in the rest of the episodes, he does not speak. 
  • Giant Robot and News Making Machine are the only Talking Friends villains that appear as objects. 
  • After Giant Robot dies, he was replaced by News Making Machine and Large Armadillo in the episodes, Newserator and Super Tom. 
  • Giant Robot, Large Armadillo, and News Making Machine are the only villains in Talking Friends TV series.

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