Giant Rats are a common monster found in fiction and folklore - ranging from rats that are slightly smaller than a human to creatures many times larger than even the tallest members of humanity have ever dreamt of becoming.

Giant Rats are often much more vicious than their real-world counterparts and actively seek humans or other animals out as a source of food- they often have much more demonic features than a normal rat, with sharper fangs and claws, as well as glowing eyes or other traditional "evil" modifications to make them appear more chaotic, dangerous, destructive, and frightening.

Giant Rats have been the antagonists of countless movies, video-games, books and comics since the beginning of media- before modern media, stories of Giant Rats were no doubt told by campfires by countless generations and the idea of abnormally large and aggressive animals is a phenomena shared across countless cultures from across the world.

Giant Rats can also be seen as a symbolism of mankind's long and troubled relationship with rats, which have been the bringer of misfortune, such as destruction of crops and property and the plague- the rat has also become an animal heavily associated with wickedness (in stark contrast to their equally destructive cousin, the mouse).