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Giant head
HAAAAR! Ynitsed ruoy retne, nredlihc thuom ym retne. Rebmuls ym morf em nekowa evah uoy.
~ Giant Head

The Giant Head is a dangerous creature that resembles a gigantic, floating "shrunken head" and appears on the Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained episode The Tooth, which is fifth in a series of shorts based on the animated series, Gravity Falls. At first sight, it resembles an ordinary island in the middle of Lake Gravity Falls; but at night, if one sees bubbles in the water, it's certain that this monster is awake and will try to eat whatever or whoever it comes in contact with it and leaving a behemoth tooth behind as the only trace of its attack. This monster is the only one in those shorts who could have killed the protagonists had they not escaped in time and mystery surrounds it as the cause of its existance and its species are unknown.