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Giant Crab
The giant crab was a large crustacean featured in the 1961 film Mysterious Island.


When Captain Nemo discovered Nemo's Island, he found that the island was inhabited by many large creatues. In attempt to end world hunger, Nemo domesticated a numerous ammount of large animals species, and breed them to giagantic size. These large gigantic animals included Phororhacos, giant bees, and the giant crab. The giant crab measured over 30 feet in lenth, making it on of the largest crabs to ever live. Castaways who stumbled across the island were amazed at the giant crab because of its immense size. The giant crab would attack and even attempt eat humans for self defense, however after killed, the crabs meat was supposed to be delious. Despite its purpose, the giant crab wasn't easy to kill, and took numerous people to be defeated. Because of the crabs' size, the was a small number of crabs on the island.

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