The Giant Bats are minor villains in the 2005 Peter Hyams film A Sound of Thunder. They are monstrous bats larger than humans which appeared in the present after Middleton killed a butterfly in the Cretaceous and changed the course of time.


After Travis Ryer, Sonia Rand, Jenny Krase and Dr. Lucas went to Middleton's house, a swarm of Giant Bats attacks them. Jenny and Lucas shoot at them, then the group leaves the place in a car. However, the swarm pursues them and one of the Bats breaks the car's rear window, but Lucas and Jenny shoot at him. Then, another Bat manages to tear the car's roof and takes Lucas away. The Bats finally flee away after they see that a Time Wave arrived.


  • In Ray Bradbury's short story which inspired the movie, the Giant Bats didn't appear.