Giant (Hoodwinked Too)

The Giant is a minor antagonist in Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil.


The Giant is a large character with a oval-shaped head, big nose, and black hair He wears a blue jacket, a pink button under-shirt, tan pants and a ring on each hand. He's so huge that his thumb his about the size of Red.

Hoodwinked Too

After Granny Pickett was kidnapped by an Evil Witch, it turns out that the Giant was one of "Her" minions. He, along with his group of Rhinos, were used to steal all the ingredients needed to make the Super Truffles. Red and Wolf were sent to interrogate the Giant to find out where Granny was. The Giant said nothing, but one of his workers, Jimmy 10-Strings said that Boingo always calls the Giant to get the ingredients. What happened to the Giant after confronting him is unknown.



  • The Giant was used as a parody of the Godfather.