The Giant was the central antagonist of the Adventures of the Gummi Bears episode "Let Sleeping Giants Lie" and was based upon the fairy tale monster of the same name.

Apparently some time in the past the Giant was a menace who fought against the Great Gummis - who defeated him and put him into a magical slumber. Many years later Cubbi and Sunni were given the responsibility to throw a potion in a great cave as part of the Gummi Bear tradition known as the Festival of the First Snow. However Sunni, embittered by not being allowed to go to Princess Calla's party by Gruffi, decided not to bother recovering the potion when Cubbi accidentally lost it in a chasm - opting instead to toss a sack of snow in the cave, unaware of the fact the potion was what was keeping the Giant from awakening all these years. As the cubs began to leave the Giant awoke from his slumber and attacked the pair before going on a rampage across the land. However Cubbi and Sunni followed the Giant as he terrorized a fishing village and the two cubs managed to fend off the Giant's attacks using their small size and agility to their advantage. Ultimately Sunni had Cubbi use his pebble shooter to break her bag filled with magic dust in the Giant's face when he tried to attack her again, the dust covered the Giant's face and put him back into a deep slumber. Sunni and Cubbi proceeded to head back to Gummi Glen as the Giant was once again covered up by snow..