Ghoul Tar is a Ghost General among the Ghost Warriors working for Morro and one of the main antagonists in Ninjago: Possession. Like his allies Soul Archer, Wrayth and Bansha, he manipulated Morro to release the preeminent.

Role in the series

He assists Morro on his mission to release the Preeminent. He manages to also turn Nya's samurai mech into a ghost mech. Later, he secretly deals with Ronin that he gets him the sword, behind Morro's back. However, plans didn't manage, and he had to give the sword to Morro, as he and the fellow generals have noticed Ronin is a friend of the ninja, and is on their side. Ghoul Tar stopped Ronin from walking out by squeezing his shoulder, and he as well as Morro and the fellow generals paralyzed Ronin. He then noticed the ninja are coming, and had a plan to stop them. However, after defeat, he was awakened by the Realm Crystal with Wrayth, and Soul Archer who died after him. When the Preeminent was transformed back to his body by Morro's spell, Ghoul tar, Soul Archer, Bansha and Wrayth protected the Preeminent, plotting to destroy everything. The Preeminent was sunk into the sea, however, Ghoul Tar, in charge of some of the Preeminent's functions, forced the Preeminent's arm to grab and strangle Morro, which caused Morro to sink into the sea as well. However, the Realm Crystal was given from Morro to Wu.


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