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Ghost Scorchios

The Ghosts Scorchios in the game

The Ghosts Scorchios are the minor antagonist who appeared in the Neopets game Magax: Destroyer II, they was created by Hubrid Nox to serve them to invade the Haunted Woods for the evil purposes.


Hubrid Nox has invented an diabolical plan by creating the Ghosts Scorchios to invade the Graveyard in the Haunted Woods, the player plays the role of Magax must defeat them for no reason to survive.

Before Magax: Destroyer

Before the Ghosts Scorchios was created, Hubrid Nox has invented the Ghost Chias and other demonic ghosts to invade the Graveyard to defeat Magax by casting a thunder on him to slow him for a short time.


The Ghosts Scorchios are similiar to Dark Danny from Danny Phantom, both of them, has ghostly powers and had a bad behavior

Similiar Villains

Hubrid Nox

The Flying Dutchman

Dark Danny


Diane Simmons (Family Guy)


The Ghosts Scorchios' appearence are males instead of females and he has a ghostly power.


Created by Hubrid Nox for the evil purposes, the Ghosts Scorchios, are cruel with a bad behavior that they fire-breathing people in the Graveyard, these ghosts are brainwashed by Hubrid Nox to invade the Haunted Woods, Magax must defeat the Ghosts Scorchios and Ceelee (actually Hubrid Nox) to save the Haunted Woods.

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