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The Ghosts

The Ghosts are the 4 computer-controlled enemies in the popular arcade game Pac-Man. They chase Pac-Man around a maze to keep him from eating all the dots. It was the players objective to avoid the ghosts and collect all the dots.

Power-Pellets are the ghosts ultimate weakness. When Pac-Man eats one, the ghosts turn blue, and Pac-Man can eat them.

  • One Ghost Eaten- 200 pts.
  • Two Ghosts Eaten- 400 pts.
  • Three Ghosts Eaten- 800 pts.
  • Four Ghosts Eaten- 1600 pts.

There are four ghosts, and each have unique personalities

  • Blinky- Red, Chases Pac-Man relentlessly
  • Pinky- Pink, Strategically ambushes Pac-Man
  • Inky- Cyan, Scares Pac-Man into making the wrong move
  • Clyde (Sue in Ms. Pac-Man and Tim in Jr. Pac-Man)- Orange, not very smart.

In the Pac-Man Cartoon series from 1982-1984 the Ghost Gang work for Mezmeron and help him try to find the power pellet forrest and often call Pac-Man names suck as "Pac-Fink".

In the TV series Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures the Ghost Gang work for Lord Betrayus but secretly they help Pac-Man foil Betrayus' plans and hopefully get their bodies back


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