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The ghostly trio

Fatso, Stretch, and Stinky

The Ghostly Trio (who are named Fatso, Stretch, and Stinky) are the mean-spirited uncles of Casper - despite Casper's wish to be a "friendly ghost" the trio are content with being mean, selfish, and very rude to almost everyone they meet and love pestering mortals: they mistreat Casper and are generally antagonistic, however they are more akin to anti-heroes than true villains as they have been known to help people when needed and do care about Casper in their own strange way.

Role In Movies

The Ghostly Trio were supporting antagonists in the first section of the live-action Casper movie, though they would become more anti-heroic as the movie progressed and even formed a friendship with the heroes after initial hostility, to the point of facing Carrigan & Dibs.

Unlike most versions the live-action Ghostly Trio displayed xenophobia towards the living and targetted people out of hatred, this trait would disappear however as their antagonist status was replaced with their more usual personalities of pestering bullies / jerks rather than active antagonists.

Role In Cartoon Series

The Ghostly Trio were also minor antagonists in the original Casper cartoon shorts - much like in the films they were bullies and took pleasure in pestering others but would have their mischief stopped by Casper.

Role In Comics

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