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I know everyone you trust is lying to you, playing you. Your two-faced friends, your fraud of a family, your whore of a mother. It all started with her, Emma, but it's gonna end with you. See you soon.
~ Ghostface's lecture to Emma Duval in Hello, Emma

Ghostface is an identity adopted by the main antagonists of Scream: The TV Series. It is the television adaptation of the original character who stalks and kills the teenagers of the small town of Lakewood. Ghostface was created by Jill E. Blotevogel and is voiced by Mike Vaughn.

In the season finale, it is revealed that Ghostface, nicknamed the Lakewood Slasher, is actually Piper Shaw, who is Brandon James' daughter. In Season 2, her accomplice takes over the mantle of Ghostface, and he is later revealed to be her secret boyfriend Kieran Wilcox.

Physical appearance

Ghostface wears a "darker, more organic mask" compared to the original mask. It was originally a post-op surgical mask which was worn by Brandon James when he killed five high school students on the night of October 31, 1994. Additionally, Ghostface also wears a black hooded military-style poncho, black pants, gloves, and combat boots.


Season 1

  • 1: Tyler O'Neill - Decapitated (Piper)
  • 2: Nina Patterson - Throat slit (Piper)
  • 3: Rachel Murray - Hung from her balcony (Kieran)
  • 4: Riley Marra - Stabbed twice in the back; bled out (Piper)
  • 5: Will Belmont - Sliced open (Piper)
  • 6: Deputy Roberts - Stabbed multiple times in the stomach (Piper
  • 7: Clark Hudson - Disemboweled (Kieran)
  • 8: Grayson Pfeiffer - Throat slit (Piper)

Season 2

  • 9: Jake Fitzgerald - Disemboweled with scythe (Kieran)
  • 10: Eddie Hayes - Hit over head with bottle, stabbed multiple times with corkscrew (Kieran) - Confirmed by Showrunner Michael Gans. [1]
  • 11: Seth Branson - Hand sliced off, stabbed, burned alive (Kieran)
  • 12: Haley Meyers - Stabbed multiple times in chest and stomach (Kieran)
  • 13: Zoë Vaughn - Drowned after being locked in a coffin in a lake (Kieran)
  • 14: Quinn Maddox - Impaled with pitchfork (Kieran)
  • 15: Deputy Stevens - Stabbed multiple times (Kieran)
  • 16: Eli Hudson - Stabbed, shot multiple times (Kieran)


Buck 120

Ghostface uses a Buck 120 bowie knife to kill his/her victims, although some of their victims are killed using alternative methods. 

199 Voice Changer

Used by Ghostface to conceal the voice of the person using the mantle. Similar to Roman Bridger, Ghostface can mimic the voices of other people when using it. According to Audrey Jensen, it is called a "199 voice changer" and she used the changer in one of her films.


Used by Ghostface to call or text his targets, often gloating them. This phone cannot be tracked, which makes both the location and identity of the person using the mantle incognito.


Behind the Scenes


The real question you should be asking is...*laughs* did you just lock me in or out?
~ Ghostface in Hello, Emma

*Using Will's voice* You know, if I recall...*switches back to regular voice* this is gonna be a date to remember!
~ Ghostface in In the Trenches

Then lets see what you've learned, Emma. Can you put all the pieces together in time to save him? Or will Daisy's heart be broken the same way she broke Brandon's? It's all up to you, Emma, but I can promise you one thing: it's gonna be gut-wrenching!
~ Ghostface in Revelations


  • Ghostface's original name was going to be Hush. This was changed so the series could stay true to the films' elements.
    • Additionally, the mask was originally made out of human flesh. When the pilot was finished, the mask was redesigned and had to be digitally altered in certain scenes to include the current white mask.
  • The Ghostface killer in the second season - revealed to be Kieran Wilcox - has the highest body count in the Scream franchise.

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