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This Ghostface is the parody of the Ghostface killer from Scream in the hilarious comedy movie Scary Movie.

The killer is a person named Doofy Gilmore, who was faking mental retardation. This way he could move around without ever been noticed.

The killer uses several weapons, which are parodied from other horror movies. For example the hook, which is a weapon used by Ben Willis (also known as The Fisherman) in I Know What You Did Last Summer. And the garage scene at which he used the garagedoor to kill the fat girl, much like Tatum Riley in Scream.

His masks tend to change during circumstances which effects his mental state. Example, the wazzzaap scene. At first the mask looks normal, but changes to a smiling face when the wazzaaping began. the final mask is a mask where his eyes are somewhat closed and a tongue is sticking out of his tongue.

Another scene where the mask changes, is the stoned scene. When he took his first blow with the waterpipe his mask changed to a stoned smiling face saying that this is some good shit. His eyes are closed when arriving at his final mask. Smiling very stonedlike.