Cleopatra ghost

Cleopatra was the last queen of Egypt and her ghost is the secondary antagonist of Scooby-Doo in Where's My. She was actually Scooby's good friend Velma Dinkley in disguise.

Role in the movie

In ancient times, when the Romans invaded, Cleopatra escaped and hid in the Sphinx which protected her and her treasure. Hundreds of years later, Velma accompanied a restoration project that was working on the Sphinx. After accidently opening the caverns beneath it, she concocted a plan to protect the legendary treasure from Amelia von Butch and her fellow theives. Things were complicated, however, when the rest of Mystery Inc. arrived. After making it seem that she had turned to stone, Velma disguised herself as the ghost of Cleopatra, and the workers as her army of the undead. Mystery Inc. set out to catch her, but this only gave Amelia von Butch time to find the treasure and steal the crown. A trap was sprung and the Sphinx was flooded. Amelia and Cleopatra were both unmasked and the gang realized their "enemy" had been Velma all along.

Velma unmasked in Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy