The Ghost World Cops are minor Antagonists of The Haunted Hathaways Season 2.

They are working in ghost world where no humans are allowed, they are all cops like Officer Goosebumps and Officer Bugliari, but they don't talk compared to them who talk, it also seems they working for Goosebumps and The Ghosts world Council, because when Taylor arrive in ghost world they check other ghosts to see if they are humans, so in the finale of the season 2 two cops arrived to the ghost apartment where the Prestons were banished, and caught them hiding Taylor Frankie and Michelle. They bring them front of the Council who are angry that ghosts like the Prestons allows humans to ghost world instead of haunting them, it seem the ghosts world cops also redeemed themselves after eared the statement from The Hathaways and The Prestons, and let them return to the human world. During the episode, they seem to only appear shortly, then others characters we see in the series, is unknown if they will come back in the future if the series is not cancelled.