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Ghost Train

The Ghost Train is a train like creature from the intro of Extreme Ghostbusters.


It is a speeding two part creature composite and it seems to be of a yellow bodied with one eye and is also a light with a front wheel coming out its mouth and a standard mechanical train wheel that is hooked up to its legs. The second part is pinkish colored stream engine that is attached to the tail of the yellow ghost. It features a smoke stack that has claws/teeth. The second part also has four feet.

Ghost Train Flyers

The Ghost Train Flyers is a group of ghosts that erupt from a subway tunnel under present day New York City.


The ghost parade erupts near subway station at 21st Street lead by the Ghost Train.



  • Tentacle Pink creature in lower left corner
  • Lizard pink/purple pig noise ghost
  • Flyer Blue bat like creature
  • Spiney Four eye socket blue free floater
  • Boney Yellow Skeleton floater
  • Eyeball Flying blue creature with yellow eye


Extreme Ghostbusters

  • Extreme Ghostbusters Intro

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